Business Photography: Great Use of Before and After Photos

Trying to grow a business can be one of the most time consuming but rewarding tasks for any entrepreneur. Trying to stand out in a sea of other businesses can be difficult, especially when you have to compete with companies who have larger marketing budgets.

One of the most cost-effective ways to stand out from the crowd is to invest in taking a before an after images. These images are great because they answer the questions your website visitor has.

Questions such as; What am I getting? How will this turn out?

To better explain this, let’s use a the home improvement industry as an example. It can be hard for potential clients to see exactly how they’re going to benefit from a contractor’s services. However, when they see the before and after photos of a newly renovated kitchen, it bridges the gap a lot easier for the decision maker. They can put themselves in the shoes of the before picture, as they might have something similar and they can certainly see themselves in the after (renovated) photo.

You can see examples of this in different industries online. However, as I mentioned in the example above, it’s most common in the construction and renovation industry. I found a great example of effective before and after photos at Along with great images of warm and safe families, they’re using old and furnace photo compared with their new line of furnaces. It’s the difference between old and unhealthy and brand new, energy efficient.

How To Do It

Since this is a photography blog, I would be remiss to not include tips on how to take these photos:

Camera. As far as a camera, if you have a profesional camera with a wide-angle lens, then you’re good to go. However, even if you don’t most smart phones can give you a great looking image.

Framing. Be sure to keep your before and after photos fairly consistent, they don’t have to match exactly but the closer they are the better. This will allow for easy comparison and no confusion.

Lighting. Be sure to have lots of lighting so that your images are clear and easy to see. If you’re photographing a new kitchen renovation, your after photo will naturally be more pleasing as you may have nice counters, recessed lighting and reflections from new appliances. All these new additions will naturally make the image more aesthetically pleasing. But that’s the point!

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Getting Your Kids To Participate In A Stress Free Photography Session

What you do to engage your children while taking photographs of them is going to be dependent on many factors. One of the first factors that comes to mind is age. The rest of their cooperation based on certain external factors can sometimes be hard to discern, as children often just don’t like being patient enough for pictures. That means the first thing you need to exhibit is patience.

If you’re patient with your children, then you’re going to notice that puts them at ease and helps them be more cooperative. Have you ever noticed that with smaller children, it helps to get down to their level and interact with them? This of course requires more than just stooping over or getting on your knees. It means that you need to try and communicate with them on their photography-with-childrenlevel as well, allowing yourself to get goofy.

While their unpreparedness can throw you off guard, you have to always be ready to take that photo. They will have moments of cooperation based on your efforts, and you don’t want to miss them.

What about control? Do you think that you must stay in full control of the photo shoot? Some of the most creative pictures with children come into play when you allow them to be more carefree. They don’t want to feel controlled, and you don’t want to stress yourself out trying to control each shot you’re trying to take with your camera.

Putting those tips into practice for the next photo opportunity with your children in any setting will help make everything much easier. With kids, you’re also not worried about pronounced wrinkles and other issues that arise with adult photographs in which photo editing or different lighting might need to be used. See what you can capture with natural lighting, and if anything, use the flash instead of added light accessories.

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Best Times To Take Photos – Capture Those Outdoor Memories

Have you ever taken a photo outdoors, only to realize that a huge shadow has been cast halfway across the picture? This has happened to me with a souvenir photo that I wanted to put up on the wall. It was extremely frustrating as it was the only photo I had of me at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Don’t let the outdoor lighting and other factors hinder your photography sessions.

There are ways to work around these issues, but you can also just be familiar with the best times of the day to take outdoor photographs. The first opportunity is at sunrise. After sunrise, the sun’s rays really start coming into play and could cause you to make adjustments. But during sunrise, this is a wonderful opportunity to capture photos and even include the magnificence of the sunrise.

sunset-photography-exampleAre you prepared to take a guess at the second best time of day to take photographs? The answer is during sunset. Right before sunset can be the most horrible time of day to take photographs, and after sunset you start dealing with the dark. But if you want to enjoy another gorgeous time of day and get some great pictures taken, sunset is your opportunity.

Many great photographers also talk about the time after sunrise. The sun will progressively become an issue, but there is supposed to be a solid hour, maybe more, after sunrise that is ideal for taking great photographs. If you plan on taking pictures of your children, this time of the day is ideal. Think of it as your window of opportunity for paying attention to their props and poses without having to deal with lighting issues. Those are your three best times of the day for taking pictures.

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Tips To Take Good Photos Indoors

You can quickly become frustrated when trying to take photos indoors when you are not sure how to do so. Fortunately, there are several tips that you can follow to help you get the perfect shot every time.

Learn Your Camera

It does not matter whether you have used the camera many times, or if the camera is brand new, it is important that you learn how to use the camera in order to get the highest quality photos possible. For example, take note of when your photos begin to look grainy and troubleshoot solutions to prevent that from happening again.

This is why you should understand the ISO limits of the camera. When the picture is grainy, you can increase the ISO while also maintaining quality. Every camera model is different so experiment with yours to find how tolerant your camera is. Knowing these capabilities is even more important at night.
Take Camera Out Of Automatic Mode    

If there is one thing that you should include in your photography routine you should make sure the shutter speed is between  1/60 and 1/200. It is not recommended that is goes below 1/200 because that speed can cause interference with any artificial lighting that you may be using. Certain types of bulbs flicker at a frequency rate that is not always visible to the eye. When you shoot at a different frequency, you will avoid those colorful blue and sometimes orange lines that can appear in photos.

Use Daylight To Your Advantage

You will need to angle your shots so you can take advantage of the natural light. Daylight will make your photos look great and it is brighter than any possible flash. It also produces soft light that gives your subject a naturally beautiful look.

Hire a Professional

photographer-SanFranciscoIf you really need that perfect shot, there’s always the option to hire a professional photographer. This will be well worth the money, especially if you only need 1-5 perfect images for a specific project. Expert photographers will come with their own camera gear, lighting gear and even location suggestions so all you have to do it show up looking your best.
These are just a few tips that you can implement into your next photography session to help you capture those special moments on film forever. Place your faith in the camera and begin shooting your pictures.

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Use These Popular Smartphone Apps For Editing Photos

When you take pictures with your phone, how many times to you delete them and try over again? Especially if your face is the center of attention in the picture, you’re likely to quickly dismiss a photo and try again if you’re like me. Thanks to Instagram, there are filters, but those are more noticeable and don’t often do the trick anyway.

iphone-photographyYou want a real looking photo, but upon looking at the picture you just captured, you’re wanting to do a few edits. There are plenty of photo editing apps out there, so which ones are the best?

Remember first that you must be looking at apps that you can actually use. In other words, is your smartphone an Android, or do you have an iPhone? For Android, Adobe has muscled its way to having one of the top apps for editing photos, and it’s called Adobe Lightroom Mobile. Another popular app is Photo Director, and you want ‘The Ultimate’ version. You’re likely familiar with the company that released this app, Cyberlink.

Lidow’s Photo Editor is another app that is ranked at the top, and VSCO Cam & Photoshop Touch are two others. You likely recognize Photoshop of course, but when it comes to selecting which app you’ll use out of the four, which one would you choose? What if you were told that the VSCO Cam is actually the favorite?

Some people prefer a simple editing app for photos, while some people want more features so they can drastically change things up. It really does depend on what you’re comfortable with using, but don’t go posting photos on social media sites without using a photo editing app. It’s your personal airbrushing tool, complete with different lighting effects and so much more.

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Getting Outside – Tips For Taking Great Photo Outdoors

When you want to take good photos outdoors there are a few things you need to know to help you achieve that. It isn’t always easy to get a good photo and learning more about what you can do will go a long way. Use the tips that you have learned to create your perfect photo.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have a camera that would be good for these types of photos. If you have a nicer camera you would want to use, go with that one. You will be glad that you did!

outdoors photo of mariaWith a better camera you have more control over your photos. In order to take a good photo outside you need to get the settings correct. Just putting  it on one of the modes isn’t going to always work the way you want it to.

Make sure you understand the settings and you will learn how to take a really good photo outside. Understand the differences when you have a sunny day and a cloudy one. If you can get all of that figured out you will see more success. Check out this page for some more in depth tips on camera settings:

Make sure you have a good location for your photos too. That will go a long way in getting a good photo. Watch to make sure it won’t look like a tree or pipe is coming out of someone’s head. That is easy to do but also easy to avoid if you are aware of it happening. For a little extra, here is a video for tips in mid-day sunlight

Some people just need a lot of practice taking photos outside before they will be able to take good pictures. Try to take your camera out everyday and take a picture of something. The time you put into it will be worth it and you will be very happy with your photos.


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